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Building Better Homes

Updated: May 29, 2020

The BC Building code has a minimum set of codes and a Best Practices. Ranchers by Design uses advanced building techniques to Build Better Homes.

Building Science for New Homes

A lot of knowledge was acquired from the Leaky Condo era. Through Building Science, Canada became a world leader in residential construction. We believe a home is not just a collection of parts but a complex system. This is why we use Innovative Canadian products such

as the HALO-Sheets in our homes. These rigid sheets minimize the thermal bridging while

adding R7.5 to the Insulation values of the walls.

Energy Efficient Healthy Homes

The HALO-Sheets (shown on our home above) allows us to move the air-barrier to

the exterior of the home, which stops wind washing, and prevents pollutants from

entering the wall cavities, resulting in energy efficient #HealthyHomes.

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