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Bathroom Waterproofing

Updated: May 29, 2020

To ensure the lasting beauty of our bathrooms and prevent mold growth inside the home, we install a complete waterproofing system.

Schluter®-KERDI Membrane

The average shower receives over 3,600 inches of water each year, the yearly rainfall in the Fraser Valley is 70 inches. We spend a lot of time and money preventing water from entering the home from outside, we do little to prevent the water from showers inside the home from causing damage and health issues. Tile, Grout and water-resistant products on the market allow moisture to penetrate the wall cavities creating mold. The key to mold control is moisture control, this is why we install KERDI-Membrane a polyethylene waterproofing and vapor retarder.

Schluter®-KERDI Line Drains

We use KERDI-LINE low profile linear shower drains to ensure watertight connection, between the membrane and floor drain.

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