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Custom Home Design & Building Services
custom home by licensed bc builder

At Ranchers by Design, we specialize in custom one-story homes for retired or soon to retire Baby Boomers, which means we design and build houses that fit your life style and needs. Finding quality one-story homes is a challenging task as most of the ranchers style homes were built back in the 80s and were under 1,300 sqft. If your considering purchasing land and having a home built, contact us first and we can help guide you through the entire building process.

"One of the Best I have Reviewed!"

New Home Warranty Inspector

Our Process

We assign a Project Manager to work with your from the planning stage to occupancy to reduce the stress of the home building experience. Having one person overseeing the entire project ensures the vision you have for your home is met. The project manager meets with trades, inspectors, construction crews, updates schedules, budgets and keeps you informed. We encourage our clients to only be involved at the level that suits them.


In order to create the home you’ve always envisioned, we dedicate ourselves to getting to know you. During our initial consultation we will discuss the building process. We are always open to discuss your project at anytime there after.

letter of engagement

We work with you through many iterations and welcome your feedback. During this phase we can ensure your vision is meet in the most cost effective way. Floor plans, 3D modeling software  and many meetings aid in developing a vision for your dream home.

preconstruction agreement

During this phase, your Project Manager will work with Engineers, Architects, Draftsmen, Interior Designers, and our Team to create the blueprints, documentation and materials required to build your home. Clients are consulted at various stages.

construction contract

One of the unique aspects of Ranchers by Design is that we are the designers, and builders. That means we provide a single source of responsibility from project conception through completion. Design/Build allows us to pursue standards of excellence

Hand Over
new home warranty

At the hand over meeting we provide you with a comprehensive walk through and documentation. Our commitment to you and your home does not end the day you move in. You can contact us if you have any concerns or questions.


"Ranchers by Design is a professional, efficient and well-managed company. We really appreciate their keen attention to detail and the way in which they hold their projects to a higher standard than your average home builder."


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